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2017 Sep 04

Final Boss

Final Boss}}

When you fight through all the tech support and have to face the final boss. Now I always picture this when I call any tech support.

Final Boss | Hardware | 2017 Sep 04
Rating 3 Cat Lover
2016 Oct 26

The New Surface Book

The New Surface Book}}
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2016 Jun 02

50 shades of SysAdmin

50 shades of SysAdmin}}

50 shades of SysAdmin

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Rating 0 Diana
2016 May 10

MacBooks - 25 years history

MacBooks - 25 years history}}

How laptops have change on the last 25 years. The left one is MakBook 25 years ago and the right one is the latest MacBook. It is so small and runs so fast. . . I love the world we live in. 

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2016 May 04

The best desktop computer ever

The best desktop computer ever}}

That is the best desktop computer ever, but I think there is something wrong. Maybe it has a too big motherboard? 

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2016 Mar 14

Annoying add security window on XBox

I find it annoying, that Microsoft shows ‘add security’ popup window when I login to my XBox live account. The only way to stop it is to add something. I already had 2 emails and 1 phone number. Is it secure to add more email? NO. I added my home phone number a month ago but Microsoft thinks that is not enough. Today I saw this window again.

Annoying add security window on XBox}}
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2016 Mar 04

The future in touch

In a few years touchscreen changed the way we interact with our friends and machines. We already can see touchscreens everywhere and not only in computer devices. You can see it in cars and even not expensive ones.

The future in touch | 2016 Mar 04
The future in touch}}
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Rating 0 Jack Sparrow
2016 Mar 18

iOS 7 Beta 4

Apple has just released iOS 7 Beta 4. This line will fill blogs today. Apple releases iOS too often and I can see a lot of improvements in each one of them. The OS is becoming faster. In my opinion it is almost ready to land on every iPhone in the world.

iOS 7 Beta 4 | 2016 Mar 18
iOS 7 Beta 4}}
Rating 0 Diana
2016 Feb 22

S-Beam - is it legal

Samsung is really proud of this cool feature – S-Beam that allows two devices to transfer data between each other by holding them back to back. How cool is that? It is very cool, but not useful. 

S-Beam - is it legal | 2016 Feb 22
S-Beam - is it legal}}
Rating 0 Jack Sparrow
2016 Feb 10

Google Nexus 7 tablet price

Google is struggling to build a very cheap tablet. Today they announced Google Nexus 7 Tablet for only $199 for 8GB version. It is not the cheapest deal. BlackBerry tablet costs the same $199, but it has 16GB.

Google Nexus 7 tablet price}}