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2017 Aug 16

When your girlfriend gets angry

When your girlfriend gets angry}}

When your girlfriend gets angry, but she looks so cute, you start smiling, which makes her even angrier

My commands
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2017 Aug 14

Ass hat

Ass hat}}
Ass hat | Humor | 2017 Aug 14
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2017 Jul 18

Russians did it

Russians did it}}
Russians did it | Humor | 2017 Jul 18
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2017 Jul 04

Cooling down in hot weather

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2017 Jun 23

I think your child is dead

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2017 Jun 11

Smirnoff ties to Russia

Smirnoff ties to Russia}}

Smirnoff - made in America, but it would be happy to talk about its ties to Russia under oath. Now everyone should tell about any ties. How come it is not legal to deal with Russia anymore?

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2017 Apr 04

Just married

Just married}}

I know she is going to be happy one day.

Just married | Humor | 2017 Apr 04
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2017 Jan 08

Alyssa's crazy bedroom

Alyssa's crazy bedroom}}

Alyssa, from New Orleans in the U.S., posted a photo to Twitter before a big night out. But her bedroom isn't the tidiest one.

Alyssa's crazy bedroom | Humor | 2017 Jan 08
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2017 Jan 05

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming}}
Winter Is Coming | Humor | 2017 Jan 05
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2016 Dec 06

Look at my manicure

Look at my manicure}}

Look at my manicure

Look at my manicure | Humor | 2016 Dec 06