Rating 3 Denis
2018 Apr 13

Be careful. You've only got one

Be careful. You've only got one}}

The right place to remind every man: "Be careful. You've only got one"

Rating 3 Cat Lover
2018 Apr 04

The instagram generation

The instagram generation}}

Social media mobile applications are now saturated into modern culture. Instagram and Snapchat are popularly associated with the younger generation.

Rating 0 Jack Sparrow
2018 Jan 16

Report your competition

Report your competition }}

Attention Drug Dealers - report your competition. Nice try :). Report until there is only one. Or maybe unless there is only one:)

Rating 1 Oh
2017 Dec 01

Do something creative

Do something creative}}

Do something creative everyday to make your life more fun.

Do something creative | Humor | 2017 Dec 01
Rating 3 Assassin
2017 Nov 30

The best deal fro PlayStation

The best deal fro PlayStation}}

The best deal fro PlayStation - The edge of seventeen was 9.99 and now it is 10.99. I think it is the best deal on this screen, need to take it.

Rating 7 Assassin
2017 Nov 19

Real artist

Real artist}}

It is hard to find a real artist who can draw your best side.

Real artist | Humor | 2017 Nov 19
Rating 1 Assassin
2017 Nov 15

Morning commute

Morning commute}}

Smart morning commute.

Morning commute | Humor | 2017 Nov 15
Rating 3 FmFmFm1
2017 Nov 12

Blowjob candy shop

Blowjob candy shop}}

Who knows where is that? I think this candy shop is located somewhere in none English speaking country and they don't understand what Blowjob means

Blowjob candy shop | Humor | 2017 Nov 12
Rating 0 Uploaded by anonamous user
2017 Aug 16

When your girlfriend gets angry

When your girlfriend gets angry}}

When your girlfriend gets angry, but she looks so cute, you start smiling, which makes her even angrier

Rating 0 Jack Sparrow
2017 Aug 14

Ass hat

Ass hat}}
Ass hat | Humor | 2017 Aug 14