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I don't care, I'm on vacation

Traveler | 2019 Sep 07
I don't care, I'm on vacation}}

I don't care, I'm on vacation. The rain will not stop me from having fun.

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Facebook is watching

Traveler | 2019 Jun 24
Facebook is watching }}

Mark Zuckerberg knows everything about us. Facebook is watching.

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USA vs El Salvador

Traveler | 2019 Jun 19
USA vs El Salvador}}

Basketball game: US team vs El Salvador. The score is quite predictable 114:19

USA vs El Salvador | Sport | 2019 Jun 19
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Give me a sign

Traveler | 2019 Jun 16
Give me a sign}}

Please give me a sign

Give me a sign | Humor | 2019 Jun 16
What construction worker did that? }}

I wonder what construction worker did that?