What sort of birthday cake do ghosts prefer?

An "I scream" cake

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- Why was there so much confusion with the Secret Service after George W. Bush took over the White House?

- President Bill Clinton's code name was "Mr. Bush."

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Unexpected thing and fishing

Assassin | 2019 Sep 07
Unexpected thing and fishing}}

That is not what I would expect to see while fishing.

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I don't care, I'm on vacation

Traveler | 2019 Sep 07
I don't care, I'm on vacation}}

I don't care, I'm on vacation. The rain will not stop me from having fun.

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The clouds can travel the world

Assassin | 2019 Aug 28
The clouds can travel the world}}

The clouds follow this woman around the world.

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Prestige Ahri Cosplay

Oh | 2019 Aug 14
Prestige Ahri Cosplay}}

Cosplay: Helly von Valentine impersonates Prestige Ahri

Prestige Ahri Cosplay | Girls | 2019 Aug 14
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Denis | 2019 Jul 31

How to use your imagination to make the best picture

Imagination | Photo | 2019 Jul 31