What sort of birthday cake do ghosts prefer?

An "I scream" cake

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- Why was there so much confusion with the Secret Service after George W. Bush took over the White House?

- President Bill Clinton's code name was "Mr. Bush."

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Russian Church - Vladivostok

RussianButy | 2019 May 19
Russian Church - Vladivostok}}

Somewhere in Vladivostok - Russian Church

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Very Comfortable, but only for girls

Uploaded by anonamous user | 2019 May 18
Very Comfortable, but only for girls}}

Only girls can find this comfortable to sit like that. I don't understand how she does it 

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My way to work

RussianButy | 2019 May 13
My way to work}}

My way to work | Humor | 2019 May 13
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Dogs need vacations too

Oh | 2019 May 12
Dogs need vacations too}}

Dogs need vacations too. They need to take a break from barking and running around

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Underwater walk

Uploaded by anonamous user | 2019 May 12
Underwater walk}}

It is hard to imagine she is actually underwater. The image looks so natural.

Underwater walk | Girls | 2019 May 12