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Prestige Ahri Cosplay

Oh | 2019 Aug 14
Prestige Ahri Cosplay}}

Cosplay: Helly von Valentine impersonates Prestige Ahri

Prestige Ahri Cosplay | Girls | 2019 Aug 14
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Denis | 2019 Jul 31

How to use your imagination to make the best picture

Imagination | Photo | 2019 Jul 31
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Polina Gagarina - A Cuckoo

Oh | 2019 Jul 30

What a powerful song. A commenter provided a wonderful translation and explanation. I know the song was used for the incredible movie, "Battle for Sebastopol." I don't know if Paulina wrote it for the movie but it would seem so based on the lyrics. To anyone who knows what the was the Battle of Sebastopol, the song is incredibly moving. Nearly all the defenders were killed by the Nazis. Thousands and thousands of men and women buried and immolated in the defense tunnels, fighting on and on. The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the fear, terror, dreams and bravery of a field soldier in WWII.

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A women in a men washroom

Denis | 2019 Jul 25
A women in a men washroom}}

Women in a men washroom - how to

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Cat Lover | 2019 Jul 25


Lioness | Girls | 2019 Jul 25
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Cute Platypus

Assassin | 2019 Jul 17
Cute Platypus}}

Вuck-billed platypus can be cute too

Cute Platypus | Animals | 2019 Jul 17
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Circus I want to see

mflenov | 2019 Jul 16
Circus I want to see}}

Odessa, Ukraine - what do they want to say with that?

Circus I want to see | Humor | 2019 Jul 16
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Software vs Quality Assurance

mflenov | 2019 Jul 14
Software vs Quality Assurance}}

Software vs Quality Assurance is like reality vs expectations.

The right place to sell WD-40}}

I hope everyone knows how to use WD-40. It is not the same as the stuff you see around.

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What animal is that?

FmFmFm1 | 2019 Jun 30
What animal is that?}}

That is actually a tiger. It just needs some clear water.

What animal is that? | Animals | 2019 Jun 30