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2018 Dec 09

Christmas Fairy Tale

Christmas Fairy Tale}}

Christmas Fairy Tales should be all over the world.

Christmas Fairy Tale | Cool | 2018 Dec 09
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2018 Dec 05

How t draw an owl

How t draw an owl}}

The best instruction on how to draw an owl.

How t draw an owl | Cool | 2018 Dec 05
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2018 Oct 16

Man's brain

Man's brain}}

British Scientists located real man's brain. That is the real location. Where do you think they found women's brain?

Man's brain | Cool | 2018 Oct 16
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2018 Oct 05

Tornado Energy Ads

Tornado Energy Ads}}

That is a cool Tornado Energy ads - I already wanna try it

Tornado Energy Ads | Cool | 2018 Oct 05
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2018 Sep 16

Halloween is coming

Halloween is coming}}

Halloween is coming - one of the best times of the year. The only one I like better is my birthday :).

Halloween is coming | Cool | 2018 Sep 16
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2018 Sep 14

A funny restaurant host

A funny restaurant host}}

Have you seen this restaurant? Where is that? I wanna see this with my eyes.

A funny restaurant host | Cool | 2018 Sep 14
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2018 Jul 20

In the right place

In the right place}}

This guy is in the right place and looking at the right thing. I don't want to see his underwear anymore.

In the right place | Cool | 2018 Jul 20
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2018 Jun 20

The most informative instruction

The most informative instruction}}

The most informative instruction in the world.

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2018 Apr 20

I just can't

I just can't}}

I just can't do it :)

I just can't | Cool | 2018 Apr 20
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2018 Apr 18

A school in Russia

A school in Russia}}

Don't worry, this school is not working. It is closed.

A school in Russia | Cool | 2018 Apr 18