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Polina Gagarina - A Cuckoo

Oh | 2019 Jul 30

What a powerful song. A commenter provided a wonderful translation and explanation. I know the song was used for the incredible movie, "Battle for Sebastopol." I don't know if Paulina wrote it for the movie but it would seem so based on the lyrics. To anyone who knows what the was the Battle of Sebastopol, the song is incredibly moving. Nearly all the defenders were killed by the Nazis. Thousands and thousands of men and women buried and immolated in the defense tunnels, fighting on and on. The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the fear, terror, dreams and bravery of a field soldier in WWII.

Royals and Escort - see both on Netflix}}

Royals and Escort - see both on Netflix at the same time. Should be fun

Harry Potter and the world of muggles - Book 8}}

Harry Potter and the world of muggles - Book 8. Something is wrong with this guy.

This restaurant was serving a dish with fire. But they unintentionally set off the sprinklers, watering everything and everyone.

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Amazon Alexa Fight

Jack Sparrow | 2017 Dec 07
Amazon Alexa Fight}}

Just asking alexa what tin foil is made of. 

Nice comments under the video:

- 100% womens!!!

- Ladies, Ladies, calm down....

- This is how you make robots grow sentience. You caused Skynet. I hope you are proud.

- I love your expression youre just like "oh shit whatttt"

- That AI is getting out of control. THE END IS NEAR EVERYONE

- Does it mean that there will be no rise of the machines (because they'll destroy each other instead)?

Amazon Alexa Fight | Video | 2017 Dec 07
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6 seconds fun

Oh | 2016 May 12
6 seconds fun}}
6 seconds fun | Video | 2016 May 12
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That was unexpected

Diana | 2016 May 07
That was unexpected}}

Some cool video you need to see. Weekly collection:

- Cat Sings When Back is Scratched

- Kangaroo vs Car

- That Was Unexpected

- Kangaroo Wants to Pick a Fight

Every week we are going to publish a list of cool video you need to see. It might be something new or very old but you might haven't seen before. 

That was unexpected | Video | 2016 May 07
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Putin left Australia G20

RussianButy | 2016 Apr 06

Putin left Australia G20 and showed how great he is. He said thanks to each policeman. That how every president should leave every G20. 

Putin left Australia G20}}
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Peaceful Demonstrators in Ukraine

Oh | 2016 Mar 20
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Developers: Movies vs Reality

Diana | 2016 Mar 11
Developers: Movies vs Reality}}

It is so funny to see how Hollywood depicts programmers. It has nothing to do with the real world. The bad thing is that people actually believe that hackers can break into any system in 5 minutes and develop a brand new operation system in 1 day.