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Polina Gagarina - A Cuckoo

What a powerful song. A commenter provided a wonderful translation and explanation. I know the song was used for the incredible movie, "Battle for Sebastopol." I don't know if Paulina wrote it for the movie but it would seem so based on the lyrics. To anyone who knows what the was the Battle of Sebastopol, the song is incredibly moving. Nearly all the defenders were killed by the Nazis. Thousands and thousands of men and women buried and immolated in the defense tunnels, fighting on and on. The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the fear, terror, dreams and bravery of a field soldier in WWII.

As an American, I give my thanks to the Soviet people, who despite terrible misleadership by Stalin, defeated the Nazis, and saved the world. The American government teaches the American people the unbelievable lie that they defeated the Nazis. Unfortunately, most Americans have no real idea.  

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2019 Jul 30 - Video



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