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Unexpected thing and fishing

Assassin | 2019 Sep 07
Unexpected thing and fishing}}

That is not what I would expect to see while fishing.

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The clouds can travel the world

Assassin | 2019 Aug 28
The clouds can travel the world}}

The clouds follow this woman around the world.

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Cute Platypus

Assassin | 2019 Jul 17
Cute Platypus}}

Вuck-billed platypus can be cute too

Cute Platypus | Animals | 2019 Jul 17
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TV Screen in Africa

Assassin | 2019 Jun 30
TV Screen in Africa}}

Not everyone has access to the high definition TV picture. I was told that this picture is made in Africa. That is so sad...

TV Screen in Africa | Travel | 2019 Jun 30
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South Dakota Clouds

Assassin | 2019 Jun 12
South Dakota Clouds}}

No, it is not an explosion. These are the clouds in South Dakota.

South Dakota Clouds | Travel | 2019 Jun 12
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Perfect snowballs

Assassin | 2019 Feb 26
Perfect snowballs}}

Here are some perfect snowballs. Someone is ready for a game.

Perfect snowballs | Cool | 2019 Feb 26
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Homemade Game of Thrones

Assassin | 2019 Jan 31
Homemade Game of Thrones}}

Homemade Game of Thrones chair

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I Don't understand fashion

Assassin | 2019 Jan 03
I Don't understand fashion}}

I Don't understand fashion. I actually like looking at this, but... When I see this I ask myself - do I want my daughter to look like this girl. No way! Maybe I'm too old.

Getting freaky with food on Valentines Day}}

Getting freaky with food on Valentines Day - Expectations / Reality

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The WiFi is coming

Assassin | 2018 Nov 12
The WiFi is coming}}

The WiFi is coming. The king of cables

The WiFi is coming | Hardware | 2018 Nov 12