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Denis | 2019 Jul 31

How to use your imagination to make the best picture

Imagination | Photo | 2019 Jul 31
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A women in a men washroom

Denis | 2019 Jul 25
A women in a men washroom}}

Women in a men washroom - how to

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Wedding Photographer

Denis | 2019 Apr 21
Wedding Photographer}}

The best photographer. Would you hire her to shoot your wedding?

Wedding Photographer | Girls | 2019 Apr 21
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Spy cat

Denis | 2019 Mar 23
Spy cat}}

Spy cat

Spy cat | Animals | 2019 Mar 23
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Blind Cup

Denis | 2019 Mar 18
Blind Cup}}

I would call this a Blind Cup. A pretty nice design idea can cause you some health problems.

Blind Cup | Cool | 2019 Mar 18
Does your iPhone XS/XR flashlight turns on by itself? }}

There is a growing number of users has reported that the flashlight on their iPhone X, iPhone XR and other ones seems to turn on by itself. I’ve noticed that many times with my XR even when after pulling the device from my pocket.

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Good Morning

Denis | 2019 Jan 30
Good Morning}}

Good morning. Who wants some coffee on one's way to work? I hope you are not in Canada and not jealous she can walk just like that.

Good Morning | Girls | 2019 Jan 30
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Somewhere in Belgium

Denis | 2019 Jan 15
Somewhere in Belgium}}

It is somewhere in Belgium

Somewhere in Belgium | Travel | 2019 Jan 15
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Steampunk Skull

Denis | 2018 Oct 27
Steampunk Skull}}

The skull itself is not that adorable, but steampunk makes it at least cool. There is something about that.

Steampunk Skull | Photo | 2018 Oct 27
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Lucaslevitan - the great artist

Denis | 2018 Oct 22
Lucaslevitan - the great artist }}

Lucaslevitan is a Brazilian multimedia artist based in London and Madrid. Hi searches for inspiration in everyday life and turn ordinary objects and scenes into intriguing images that sometimes take shape as illustration, sculptures, installations, paintings or video-art. He sees the world with a little twist on reality. And by de-contextualizing them, He changes the way they are perceived and engages the audience in an unexpected and playful way.