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Blind Cup

Denis | 2019 Mar 18
Blind Cup}}

I would call this a Blind Cup. A pretty nice design idea can cause you some health problems.

Blind Cup | Cool | 2019 Mar 18
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Cat Lover | 2019 Mar 14

I hate when that happens

Winter | Car | 2019 Mar 14
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International Women Day

Diana | 2019 Mar 09
International Women Day}}

Looks like they are discussing a plan. I hope someone is going to be happy today.

International Women Day | Girls | 2019 Mar 09
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Italian Sushi

Jack Sparrow | 2019 Mar 09
Italian Sushi }}

I love Italian Sushi

Italian Sushi | Cool | 2019 Mar 09
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Is it real?

RussianButy | 2019 Feb 27
Is it real?}}

Is it real or photoshop?

Is it real? | Photo | 2019 Feb 27
IKEA toilet brush instruction}}

IKEA toilet brushes installation instruction in case you don't know how it works. Is there a second page? 

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Perfect snowballs

Assassin | 2019 Feb 26
Perfect snowballs}}

Here are some perfect snowballs. Someone is ready for a game.

Perfect snowballs | Cool | 2019 Feb 26
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Wedding on budget

FmFmFm1 | 2019 Feb 24
Wedding on budget}}

She waited for too long to stay fit for this dress. Now it is OK to have McDonald's

Wedding on budget | Girls | 2019 Feb 24
Do not trust Europe and US }}

After almost 6 months of investigations, I can prove without a doubt that the #Douma Hospital scene was staged. No fatalities occurred in the hospital. All the #WH, activists and people I spoke to are either in #Idlib or #EuphratesShield areas. Only one person was in #Damascus.

Reebok insinuating oral sex in a recent ad.}}

Reebok in Russia (right side): Sit not on the needle of men’s approval — sit on men’s face